In the summer of 2016, our founders were discussing several ideas about how we could support the local law enforcement community, make an immediate impact, and find a cause that everyone understands and benefits from. The K-9 force became a focal point after realizing the number of times we rely on these expert units.
After comparing notes - we discovered that these valuable K-9 squads are seen working at our local schools, government buildings, stadiums and major events providing protection from explosives, narcotics, and so much more.
Our research revealed the urgent need to help these aging units (and in some cases underfunded). Everyone knows the importance of the K-9 units in protecting our local community.
Chesapeake K-9 Fund was formed to help the community, increase awareness and provide an opportunity to many that have expressed a desire to help. We promptly reached out to the local law enforcement community to assess their immediate and future needs. Much of their needs include replacing an aging canine force, protective gear for the animal and heat sensors for their transportation.
In a very short time, we successfully identified local community leaders, form an active Board and start to raise generous contributions from many in the area.
Thank you for your interest and support. We look forward to your generous contribution to help the K-9 community and the Chesapeake K-9 Fund.

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