Every year, K9 Unit budgets are submitted to their departments. Most of these budgets get approved for the funding they need to keep these units strong and operational, however,  approved budgeted funding, in many cases, is categorized as “General Allocation”.

When a dog gets injured or needs to be replaced, or when equipment fails, there simply isn’t enough money in these budgets to offset the emergency costs.

An appeal to get emergency funding by a department can take months, and there is no guarantee that the funding is even available.

When a K9 needs an emergency surgical procedure,  a heat alarm sensor fails, more security is needed in a govt. building, or more units are needed to handle the current narcotics crisis, funding is needed immediately.

Chesapeake K-9 Fund has a policy in place that mandates any item or K9 donated to a department is purchased from the Chesapeake K9 Fund and then that item or K9 is placed into the hands of the requesting department.